16 Great Etsy Finds

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Time seems to stop when you click over to Etsy. I could get lost there for days. So instead of succumbing to the guilty pleasure and then regretting it afterwards, I decided to make it productive by sharing some of my favorites with you.

There are some great finds to be had for everyone on your gift list, including yourself!

Twigs - Sterling Silver Studs Sterling silver stud earrings by lilarubyking (these are handmade in Greece) 

Wooden Astrick Ornaments Wooden asterisk ornaments by snugstudio (3 different asterick fonts)

Owl Pillow Cover Owl pillow cover from vivasweetlove (natural hemp and organic cotton)

Vintage post office box doors Vintage post office box doors from TheFancyLamb (crica 1960’s)

Ampersand pillowAmpersand pillow from alexandraferguson (felt made from 100% recycled pop bottles)

Retro Mixers Napkin Set Retro mixers napkin set from juniperberries (reversable, eco-friendly and adorable!)

Bike buttonBike buttons from 1byliz (who doesn’t love a good bicycle print?)

Vintage bicycle clock Vintage bicycle clock 1byliz  (I know that’s two from 1byliz, but I couldn’t decide… and there are many more items to browse too)

Rustic wood cutting board Rustic wood cutting board from grayworksdesign (great eco-friendly find)

Winter tree wall decals Winter tree wall decals from SurfaceInspired (extra high walls? they’ll extend your trunks for free!)

Pop-up Party BinsPop-up Party Bins by hobnobUSA (recycled and recyclable recycle bins! – and they fold up for easy storage!)

Cork storage bins Cork storage bins from PrintParty (best part about these beauties is that they fold up into teeny tiny little space savers)

Birchwood veneer tray Birchwood veneer tray by mymimi (they’re dishwasher safe!)

Felted acorns Felted acorns from HouseOfMoss (charming, adorable, delicious) {not literally – don’t eat!}

Linen feather toteLinen feather tote from evakatharina (she’s got heaps of other silk screened products too)


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