9 Uber Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Need some inspiration for your “festive” holiday sweater party?

My sister-in-law and I have been working late for the past few nights preparing our “Festive” Christmas Sweaters. And of course, by “festive” I mean “Ugly as Sin”. Well, not really, maybe tacky is a better word… Sure, let’s go with that.

I can’t show you our sweaters yet, because this year we are having a friendly competition with the family for the “best” Christmas sweater. But I am so excited and inspired, I thought i would share my 9 favorites that I have come across.

In my opinion, they don’t hold a candle to our creations, but still, not bad…

9.  The “Creepy Santa” Sweater. This one is actually available to buy!

Creepy Santa Sweater

8. The “Gramma” Christmas Sweater – need I say more?

Grandma Christmas Sweater

7. The “Christmas Puked on Me” Sweater – Now THAT is “festive”!

the "christmas puked on me" sweater

6. The “Rudolph Nipple” Sweater – when you got it, flaunt it.

Rudolph Nipple Ugly Christmas Sweater

5. The “Super Enthusiastic” Christmas Sweater – what he’s lacking in sweater, he makes up for in enthusiasm!

The "Super Enthusiastic" Ugly Christmas Sweater

4. The “Threesome” Christmas Sweater – we ALL know someone who would wear this.

the "threesome" christmas sweater

3. The “Uber-Dickie” Ugly Christmas Sweater – He’s bringin’ dickie back.

the "Uber-Dickie" Ugly Christmas Sweater

2. The “Cat’s Meow” Ugly Christmas Sweater – I would like to know how the hell they managed to get this on?

The "Cat's Meow" Ugly Christmas Sweater

1. The “Hanky the Christmas Poo” Sweater – So many things to look at in this one. The expressions of each of the family members, especially the little devil in the front with “Hanky the Christmas Poo” taped on to his Christmas Sweater. Wow!

Hanky the Christmas Poo Sweater

Stay tuned for our Christmas Sweaters, which I will post after the holidays. And please feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

Merry Christmas!


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